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Essay Writing Services Review: Find the Best Writer Out There

Essay Writing Services Review: Find the Best Writer Out There
Read my reviews on essay writing services to know which service suits you most in terms of price, customer support and best quality.
Writing in essence is kind of a hard task to do but when it comes to academic and professional writing everything may seem even more chaotic and turbulent. And exactly that’s when you need expert assistance from various essay writing services out there. An expert essay writing service can ensure for you high grades and excellent reputation. But how would you know who is the real expert out there and who’s the best of them all? You need to read our reviews to get the best professional essay writer to write your paper.
I am dedicated to present you with realistic reviews of all the essay writers out their available online. I will strive to find out their strengths as well as their weaknesses. After reading the reviews you will be able to find your personal best or you can rather listen to my verdict to choose the best. Review

As you are reading this review right now, it is confirmed that you are concerned about essay writing services and most probably you are looking for the best out there.
So, first thing you have to consider is that writing is one of the toughest thing to do and there is no limit to how good or how bad one can write. Thus naturally it would be very hard to judge the best on this complicated issue. But what I think is that, if you want to judge for yourself and want to take the full control on your shoulder for finding the best professional writer to write your paper for you than is the place for you.

Customer Support

To match up to their expressed promises and reputation they provide their visitors with a robust 24*7 customer support. You can directly contact their customer support representative directly from the site. They are always ready to help you with any of your essay writing hazards.

Ordering Process

Do you remember what I told you about taking the full control on your hand at the beginning? Yes, at you can do exactly that!
In order to get your paper written for you by the writer of your choice you just have to drop your order in the Edusson ocean of expert freelance writers. The bidding will start immediately. That means the writers having adequate proficiency on your subject will bid on your paper with their expected prices. You can then select and talk to each one of them to find out the best match for your paper; all by yourself. Isn’t that smart?


As from the ordering process you already have understood that unlike other services is much more dynamic than others. That’s why the pricing is not like other services. Here the price of your essay is upon the bidders and you to decide. However, I can assure you that whenever I had the pleasure to get my essay written for me at I never felt betrayed in any way, let alone pricing. 

Customer Feedback

As I was very impressed with my essays that I got them to write, I was curious about how others might have judged the talent. So, I started to look into the client feedbacks of the essay writing company from various sources.
And to my assurance most of their clients are very satisfied with the results and are seen to be with them on a long-term basis. After my calculations were done I could see an overall rating of a huge 5. That's really is an expression of pure class.

My Papers

As I have already mentioned that I am a regular client of so let me give you my overall evaluation of the essay writing company. To me, simply speaking, whether be it the high school or be it Ph.D. they will never let you down. They guarantee quality work and actually are dedicated to do exactly that. Therefore, very confidently I give a 5 rating to You can surely trust them whenever you need your paper get written for you.

Visit Edusson Review is a very strong and competent custom essay writing service. When I first came to know about them and browsed their website it seemed to me that they are perhaps one of the best essay writing companies out there and I ordered my essay to be written by them for going through their service mechanism and their true inner quality of their expert writers. So let’s have a look into inner mechanism of this service.

Customer Support

The most important facility for an essay writing service provider online is to offer 24*7 customer support to their clients. offers a quite robust 24*7 customer support. You can chat with their customer support executive directly from their site but will require a registration prior to that if you are their first time client. Apart from direct chat they also have 24*7 online call and an international toll free hotline for their client’s convenience.
You can choose your own writer for your essay and you can even hire top writers for higher prices if you like. For this reason they have four options for you to choose from – Regular Writer, Advanced Regular Writer, Top Writer, and My Previous Writer option. Through these options you can quite easily reach the best writer according to your need. However they don’t have any writers’ database or anything like ‘about the writers’ section on their website.


Pricing offered here at is somewhat akin to their competitors. However it is a bit low in comparison to many of their competitors. Starting from $10 per paper it keeps on increasing with the urgency level and course level until it reaches %197 for most urgency in case of admission help related content.
Apart from their regular pricing options there are special facilities like VIP Customer Service that enable you to be notified through SMS when your paper is ready to download. Besides they offer two types of discounts to their clients: one time and life time discounts.

Customer Feedback

To take a look at their customer satisfaction statistics I searched for some valid customer feedback all around the net. Most of the comments were positive, however, not that much inspiring. Some of the clients really seemed excited but many were seen to be disappointed with the service they got. From the feedback assorted I made a calculation of an average 4.75 rating.

My Verdict

Now let’s focus on the service that I personally got from them. Yes, whenever I needed to contact them their customer support executives were there. My paper was written and delivered in time but the quality of their paper didn’t met my expectations nor did my professor seem to be pleased. Though their writers are real professional experts and know their job very well, I would give them an overall 4.70 feedback. Review is a very professional custom essay writing service with special dedication to customer satisfaction, privacy and safety. They are one of the all-time personal favorites to many. They offer professional writers either having a Masters or a Ph.D. degree and not less than that. Besides their writing mechanism involves expert editors and proofreaders so that the write ups becomes 100% error free. Besides they also provide their clients with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Now let us examine their service by segments and find out are they really that much great.

Customer Support

The customer support is alright. They provide their customers with a 24*7 dedicated customer support unit. You can directly start your conversation right from their site without any prior registration. Their customer support executive will guide you to your best fit professional essay writer. Apart from chat they also offer online call and international toll free hotline facility. But I don’t know why the communication seemed a bit pale to me. Perhaps that was a bad day for the lady I was chatting to.


They offer writing services from high school to Ph.D. level of write ups for you to get your paper written. Though their set prices are a bit high in contrast to their competitors yet the set prices are not out of the reasonable range. They start at $11.30 per page for high school level essay writing to $44.95 for Ph.D. level writing with most urgency attached to the order. The price increases with the urgency level and the course level.
Apart from that they also offer a total of 20% discount to new customers and free revision, free plagiarism check, free 24/7 support, free samples, free title page and free reference page to all of their customers.

Customer Responses

From what I could found on their site and also from other sources around the net, I could see that there were almost no negative opinions against They have a hoard of satisfied clients and all of them ready to sing in their praise. If I take into consideration all the reviews and calculate their average feedback then it is very likely that it’s going to cross the 4.85 threshold quite easily. However if I personally had to give them an overall rating, then I would have given them a 4.75 overall rating.

My Experience with

My experience with them was good. It was a nicely executed paper that I got from them. It was also delivered on time. However I was not altogether happy with the outcome. I know there is no limit to good writing. But this could have been a bit better I guess. However that doesn’t mean that this single paper could possibly decrease all of their good features and fame and doesn’t necessarily mean that they are not a high quality essay writing service. They can very well work for you as they had been for others. Review

When I was surfing for the answer to the question “what is the best essay writing company?” This site attracted me for its detailed and out of the box homepage design. It got me stopped. So I decided to dig for detail. Of all the sites I had visited so far it looked more organized, and had such an air of promise that I could not help going through all the details, calculating the price of my paper and placing the order to write me an essay without any kind of hesitation. There were outstanding offers promised there, and I will talk about them one by one in course of this essay writing service review.

Customer Support

Whenever I hire someone to write my essay for me the first thing I look in is customer support. Satisfying urgent needs is very crucial to this kind of essay writing sites. Only a handful of sites can cope up with the emergency of the customers, as my previous experiences clearly recalls, and deliver the outcome according to the necessity of the customers. The most prominent promise that this site offers is 3 hours delivery, of course with additional charge. It also offers 24*7 customer services that is a mark of any good essay writing site. And like many other sites, it encourages live chat, online call, and direct communication with your writer if you demand so. It is quite cooperative if you put any inquiry regarding your upcoming order, and promise to get in touch with your professional essay writer as soon as possible. Another conspicuous quality of this site is that it showcases sample essays for the customers who can judge them before betting their money on it.


Their price list is categorized in four sections- undergraduate, bachelor, professional and admission help and they are subdivided into types, pages and deadline. There are some extra features to price i.e. plagiarism report, top writer, abstract page and VIP customer service. The price seems high in comparison to other such sites. But it tries to smooth the cost with some discount packages from 5%-15% depending on life-time discount and one-time discount.

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback has been quite good for fulfilling the promises it makes to its customers. Some people have complemented its well orderliness and to the point approach. But a crucial aspect is yet to be granted positively- the price. Despite expressing full satisfaction for the services customers have often complained about the charge here. Many have suggested reduction of price with present service.

My Paper

When I hire someone to write my paper for me I have two prime requirements- time and quality. It was very apt regarding time. I got my paper delivered in time and could meet my deadline. The quality of the paper satisfied me alright but my professor didn’t seem that much moved by it. However, believe me that doesn’t mean anything. If one is relaxed about money I would propose this site for them if they need service of this kind. And I would give this site an overall 4.85 rating. Review

I came across this site in emergency when I was almost behind my submitting deadline. I was fervently surfing for a site that would help to write my paper for me to meet the deadline. Their promise caught my attention- only 5% deadline missed, so without further ado I placed my order. The quality of their product was yet to be decided by my professor, the topic better be discussed later. Before that I should shed some light on some other aspects of their service.

Customer Support has a strong customer support team available to their clients 24*7. You can just visit their site and start chatting with their customer support advisors instantly from the live chat option. Depending on the scope and requirements of your paper the team will guide you to the appropriate writer, among their 1550 MA experts, that would be the best fit to write your paper for you.
Apart from the live chat option you can also call them at an international toll free hotline or submit a contact from in the Contact Us section.


When I hire someone to write my essay for me I don’t have the luxury to ponder over the price much, though I tried to compare charges of different sites as much as I could even under my urgency.  The average price per page in different sites seemed to start around $10-13$. And in spite of their promise of their prices being 12% lower than others, the price here starts at US$11.30 or so. There is a provision for requesting top writers and in that case thirty percent of the cost will be included to the sum. I find it very confusing if they claim that all their professional essay writers are top-notch.
But it makes up for high price with privileged discount packages. It offers 10% discount for the first order of new customers and 5% to the ones who are returning to make use of its service again. In addition, it runs referral package, credit package, birthday package and holiday package so that the customers can save up some money despite its slightly higher price rate.

Customer Feedback

Customers have been positive towards this custom essay writing company, as it seemed to me when I tried to gather some information regarding their customer feedback. The clients are quite satisfied with the services provided and are less hesitant to show their appreciation, although there are a few slightly negative remarks here and there about the pricing issue.

My Paper

Now my paper can be brought into discussion. As promised, I got my paper written and delivered in time that saved me from much hassle. The quality of the paper passed the satisfaction of my professor with only a few remarks on revision. I feel quite content with the product given the circumstance. I would gladly recommend this essay writing service to anyone who wants instant service with a mind to negotiate with price. Finally, I would give the site a 4.85 feedback.

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Looking for Excellent Essay Writing Service Provider Online?

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What to expect from an essay writing website in Australia
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With every service people acquire online, people will surely search for reviews for them to come up with the right pick. And this is what our company can give you. But why are reviews beneficial anyways?
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