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Thursday, December 15, 2016

AcademicCoachingAndWriting.org Review

Being a student in college means that you can use essay writing help whenever you want. There exist hundreds of websites with different prices, writers, and discounts. What about graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, faculty members? As a postgraduate student, I learned about the writing process accidentally along the way, and it was not so easy to be perfect at all writing stages as prewriting, writing, revising, and postwriting.
My aim was to succeed in academia by means of relationship marketing dissertation called: “How and why does the relationship marketing-traditional marketing continuum vary within an industry?” When I came to the library, I found the necessary materials for my dissertation, but I couldn’t organize everything logically and according to all requirements. I filled out the form to learn how to get the help I needed to complete my dissertation on Academic Coaching and Writing website. It seemed to meet my demands.

AcademicCoachingAndWriting Reviews

General impressions about ACW

The main feature of this website is that it was created for people who are eager to be taught how to write papers. You cannot order here a completed dissertation. It is not a typical custom essay writing service, as it offers coaching programs and helps with almost all kinds of academic activities such as:
•    Academic Writing;
•    Confidence in Academic Writing;
•    Writing Productivity;
•    Grant Writing;
•    Publishing Dissertation;
•    Publishing Journal Article;
•    Publishing Academic Book;
•    Dissertation Writing;
•    Academic Editing;
•    ESL Writing.
There are several promo videos providing a short description of ACW service and coaching program. The company claims that it has a distinguished team of academic coaches and consultants who are always ready to facilitate the process of writing dissertations, articles, grant proposal or even book. 

AcademicCoachingAndWriting Reliable

What about prices?

 Knowledge occurred to be more expensive than I expected. The Dissertation Coaching Program continues for 12 weeks and it is designed to guide an academic at all stages of his/her dissertation process. Every week you should meet your coach for an hour to review the writing progress and guidance. You will also have an access to the instructive webinars. That appealed to me at first sight. To be honest, I was shocked by the price policy… Check out how much you have to pay:
•    At first, you make an initial 12-week commitment;
•    You will be billed in 3 installments of $1250, for a total of $3,750;
•    If you pay before your first coaching meeting, the discounted fee is $3600;
•    After the initial 12 weeks, you may continue the program at $1,250 per month.

AcademicCoachingAndWriting Legit


My aim was to acquire the precious knowledge of writing a successful dissertation and I spared neither trouble nor expense for this program. The coach didn’t make efforts to give me the unique information. I received some essay and dissertation tips which I could easily find on the web. I demanded to return my money, but they refused. I understood that for almost 4000$ I could receive a few dissertations of high quality without wasting my time and nerves! I feel angry with myself for paying for this service…
Due to many controversial points of AcademicCoachingAndWriting.org
We Would Highly Recommend You to Use Another Online Writing Service

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