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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

WriteMyEssayOnline.com Review

Hi, everyone. This is my first time writing a review so it won’t be perfect but I, as a college student, think it is some kind of a duty to share my thoughts with my colleagues because it might be useful for them. Everything you are going to read is based strictly on my personal experience and nothing more.
So, I am a student and sometimes I don’t have time to write an essay, or I just say I don’t have time because I am busy being lazy. But no matter what the reason is the result is that my essay is not ready and the deadline draws near. But there is such a thing as an essay writing help which saved me hundreds of times. And here is a review for one of the essay writing websites I recently used.

writemyessayonline reviews 

The service

Writemyessayonline.com is an online essay writing service that has been on the market for 9 years already. Unfortunately, I was not able to find more exact information about the company. The site is attractive and creative, I like the style of it. Moreover, is it easy to use. You can see the list of the services they offer, which is writing ANY kind of papers and they guarantee money back if you’re not satisfied with the essay.


There is no fixed price for the order. But it starts with $7.50 and depends on a few factors. The urgency, the completion of the paper and the writer. As far as I understand some writers can put higher prices for their services than others because the site works on the bidding system. You place an order and then writers place their bids. You can see all writers’ profiles, see their achievements and if you’re okay with the price they bid, you can assign the writer for your order. Moreover, there is a live chat with the person who writes your paper, which opens right away and I find this very cool because I can give instructions throughout the writing to make my paper perfect. Prices, by the way, are affordable, quite cheap even. For my 4 pages of the book review, I paid $53.40 which is $13.35 per page. I don’t think that there are any discounts or promo codes, which was a little bit sad because it is always nice to have even a small discount.

writemyessayonline reliable


There’s a separate page where you can find profiles of the top writers and order a preview of your paper to see if you like his or her style and whether he or she is professional enough.

The support

There is no contact information on the site except for the email address. I did not need any support because I always had contact with my writer, so I cannot review this part of the service. But I think that at least phone number would be a good thing to mention.

The result

As any other thing, this online essay writing service has its pros and cons. On the plus side:
  • You can always get in touch with your writer.
  • You pick the writer and the writer picks you, so that is a win-win.
  • You can always help your writer make your paper perfect by adding your remarks while he/she writes it.
  • The writer I picked was a professional. The quality of the paper was good.
writemyessayonline legit
 On the minus side:
  • You never know how legit and reliable your writer is, you might pick “the wrong guy”. Pure luck I got a decent writer to work with.
  • There are no discounts.
  • No 24/7 live chat or phone assistance in case I have issues with my writer.
  • I have found a mistake in the information about the company. It was not big, just word “online” was misspelled. But you know, finding a spelling mistake in the information about the writing company that promises you high-quality papers is not very nice. I mean your job is writing and they make a mistake in the description.
But, after all, the final decision is up to you.

Due to many controversial points of WriteMyEssayOnline.com
We Would Highly Recommend You to Use Another Online Writing Service

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