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Friday, November 18, 2016

EduBirdie.com Review

I have never written a review on Edubirdie.com because I never saw it as something I would do. I always thought that a good number of writing companies are out there just for your money and do not have anything promising to offer. I believed a student should be able to handle the pressure as it comes, without slacking or looking for shortcuts.
I upheld that view until I found myself in a dire situation. I got assigned an essay topic without knowing. This is because I had travelled a few miles from school to process certain documents. It was due in a day and I had no idea when my processing would be done. I had no textbooks or school materials. The subject was Geology, the topic was “How earthquakes affect soil composition changes” and needed specific examples of previously occurred earthquakes and the effects as specified in the topic.
I got to know via a classmate that I had a task due to the evening of the next day. But I knew I wouldn’t get time to sit down and brainstorm. My next option was to look for a writing site that wasn’t planning to scam me.


I came across a couple of reviews on an Edubirdie.com essay, and they were the most decent I saw after browsing for an hour on my laptop. In my usual sceptical outlook, I decided to tour the site for a while. The site has a simple design - no exotic lettering, or some high-brow design features. Everything was written in relatively easy-to-understand lettering and was spelt out clearly, including:
  • Assurance of the best quality
  • Money back guarantee
  • Timely delivery
  • Supportive care team
The next feature I checked out was the writing team. Now, most of the other sites I got to visit usually list their writers and keep their profiles private. One isn’t able to understand the real level of their expertise asides what is written. No records of previous works, current or even finished works.
It was a totally different ball game for this site. The writers were listed out, with their own personal ratings, and even global ratings. This impressed me. I clicked on a few writers and samples of their works were attached to their profiles. How professional could a site get?
Edubirdie.com writing company also offered students the opportunity to choose their writers. I found that very encouraging – basically you call the shots in everything but pricing. I wasn’t very worried about the pricing because the rate was very decent in my opinion. I came across a set of previously written papers that were on the site as samples. Going through them, I could note the accuracy, as well as the simplicity of words and phrases used. It was like breaking down difficult topics to a basic understanding.

Is Edubirdie.com legit?

I decided to make the order; I didn’t have a choice either way, and this site was the only one that looked legit enough. To order I needed to register. So I did that by entering my email. I was redirected to a second page where I have to specify what I needed – paper type, topic, page count and the type of writer I wanted to choose for the task. I chose the standard writer. Then I proceeded to check out, and chose the writer I wanted. He was very nice, and after a few haggles here and there, we settled on the specifics of the paper, and payment was made. The payment part was securely processed and with a set deadline of 10 hours, I proceeded to wait for notification on my essay.
I knew there were possibilities of things going wrong, so I surfed the site to understand the customer support system better. Now, Edubirdie.com operates with two forms of customer support – the chat box (which is available round the clock) and the question ticket system, where you submit a support ticket with your question and get contacted via mail.

All worries laid to rest

Few hours to the deadline, I couldn’t seem to get through to my writer, so I wrote the chat team, asking for help. The response was immediate, respectful and precise. Within four minutes, my writer got back to me. He was tidying up the paper and assured me I had nothing to worry about. The deadline time came and I got notified, as promised. I was a bit apprehensive about what to expect, but my apprehension melted away the moment I saw the paper.
The essay was perfect. It was nothing short of perfect. The lettering, grammatical construct and use of necessary punctuation marks were excellent. Also, I was awed by how precise the ideas used to write the essay were. I wrote a personal thank you note to the writer; I was grateful and happy that the task was executed this well.
Edubirdie.com writing is simply the best. I can suggest them to anyone without doubting their competence. They know what to do, and how to do it. Their team rocks!

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